John Hancock Tips for Navigating the New Normal – in 60 Seconds


John Hancock Tips for Navigating the New Normal – in 60 Seconds

Today’s new normal brings its own set of considerations and challenges when it comes to balancing work, personal and family-care responsibilities. To help make this transition easier for your employees, staff and business, share one (or all) of the following 60-second videos with them. Each video gives quick tips on how to make the new normal just a little more … normal. 

Tips For Your New Routine

Working from home doesn’t mean it’s time to skip your regular routine. Simple things like getting dressed in “real” clothes each day and planning your meals can help you stay focused and skip the snacks. Watch now for more tips.

Juggling Work And Caregiving

When life becomes a juggling act, it’s OK not to sweat the small things (like your kid’s Zoom cameo) and instead let patience, humor and communication win the day. Juggling is hard and you’re amazing for all you do. Watch now for more tips.

Communicating Effectively

More is better when it comes to communicating — especially with many of us working in new ways. Be clear, be structured and remember it’s OK to show your humanity with an exclamation point or emoji (when the time is right). Watch now for more tips.  

Work From Home Tech Support

Even your computer can get tired. Don’t forget to restart your tablet or computer periodically to give it time to refresh. Streaming and video slowing things down? We’ve got a tip for that and more — watch now.

Going From Frazzled To Focused

A tidy desk, a list or even a candle can help you shift to work mode. But when your screen time becomes too much, set realistic limits, boundaries and benchmarks to help you refocus and reset. Watch now for more tips.

Coping During The COVID Crisis

How are you feeling today? Simple things like a glass of water, a balanced meal and a good chat with a friend or family can make all the difference when it comes to helping you manage your mental health. Watch for more tips.

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