Our Values

The Values, Culture and Behavior That Define Us

We are, “business builders,” looking to create excellent, enduring institutions, both as individual member entities and towards Peloton as a whole. We view ourselves as building a great organization, not simply producing deliverables or selling services. Every task presents the opportunity to build an innovation, competitive advantage, system or infrastructure resource – such that the task will not be dependent on any one person, but will create advantage for members’ entities, the group as a whole, and for the industry.

  • Integrity

    Fairness and honesty are our driving principles. Peloton values fairness and honesty which are its driving principles in all work and in every relationship Peloton builds with its members, employees and business partners. Peloton Members have their own business and life purposes, and work to fulfill this within an environment of uncompromising excellence, in a relentless pursuit of creating ideas, innovations and outstanding solutions towards the achievement of the business objectives of our members.
  • Collaboration

    We recognize that Peloton is made up of uniquely individual business entities, operating in a strategic and competitive environment. Peloton practices require that all members work together through authentic dialog and integrity, wherever possible – not mediated by the usual screens of role and relative competitive position or politics – a requirement that demands considerable vision and maturity. Merit emerges as we openly and mutually confront difficult issues in a context of excellence and mutual collaboration. We recognize that a community’s collective intelligence and capabilities surpass not only the intelligence and power of each individual but also the sum of the individuals’ competencies. Our goal is to share that communal knowledge wherever possible to mutual member benefit.
  • Creativity

    It is Peloton’s goal to provide its members the highest possible level of support that exceeds expectations. We are focused on creating process, resource, tactical, marketing and strategic advantages to our members by helping them better connect and build valuable relationships with their customers, and by providing industry best practices and resources across all possible realms – that will help our members better achieve their business goals. We also want to help our members create high-performing brands, and to act more decisively and efficiently with clearer, fact-based knowledge and insight of their market and their opportunities. By helping our members achieve their business growth goals, Peloton will achieve its corporate growth goals.
  • Efficiency

    Peloton’s approaches to business must be systematic, rigorous, focused and creative. We expect to succeed in the marketplace by outpacing both the methods, creative solutions and the achievements of our competitors. We hold ourselves to the highest standards, set by our own sense of what is best practice, aligned with our members’ and our organizations’ best interests. We are focused on creating tactical advantage and sound strategies based on fact, market intelligence, research and experience. We commit to develop best-of-breed solutions, strategic, creative, process and technology all in line with the best interests of our members and their business goals.