The National Alliance Of Insurance Agencies, Inc. Partners With Peloton & Its Elite Members


The National Alliance Of Insurance Agencies, Inc. Partners With Peloton & Its Elite Members

Peloton Global Distribution Services is proud to announce its partnership with the National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. (NAIA).

NAIA, or “The Alliance,” is a national distributor of alternative Long Term Care Insurance products – expanding the market to those who may not qualify for, or are not interested in, traditional coverage. The Alliance’s revolutionary business model opens the door for distributors and agents to access competitive, top-commission contracts that will complete their LTC funding portfolios.

“Joining Peloton’s family of Elite Class Members will allow both The Alliance and Peloton to offer a wider range of valuable long term care related solutions and services to their members,” said Bill Jones, Co-Founder and President of the National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. “We look forward to the future success our partnership will bring.”

Today’s long term care industry is vibrant, growing and contains many new forms of LTC protection. The Alliance is leading the new LTC industry by offering a complete suite of funding options that enable everyone to obtain a LTC plan regardless of their age, health, or finances.

“Welcoming NAIA to the Peloton family will open the door to greater opportunities, providing our members with the competitive edge that they need to stay ahead in today’s market,” said Andy Holden, CEO of Peloton Global Distribution Services. “NAIA’s unprecedented business model aligns with Peloton’s objectives, accelerating success by leveraging multiple solutions to fit every need.”

About Peloton Global Distribution Services®

Peloton is a consortium of elite individual organizations that are top performers within their industry.  By aligning with Peloton, members have access to the powerful synergy of shared market intelligence, world-class marketing and lead generation capabilities, extensive products, services, techologies, systems and a superior level of support to create unmatched performance in the insurance and financial services industry.

Peloton membership allows the individual member entities and the group as a whole to combine strengths in order to reach the highest level of competitive success. Membership includes some of the premier general agencies, valued specialty companies and innovative industry suppliers on a global level.

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About the National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc.

The Alliance has amassed a thoughtful portfolio of private long term care funding solutions that complement traditional LTC insurance. The Alliance’s suite of solutions provides options for funding LTC expenses to virtually everyone, regardless of age, health and wealth.

The Alliance works with agencies and distributors who want to offer clients the full range of today’s long-term care planning solutions. Its revolutionary business model allows – and encourages – distributors, agents and advisors to maintain their existing traditional product relationships, while completing their portfolio through working with The Alliance. The Alliance: one company – one source – many solutions – to long-term care financing.

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