Peloton Global Continues To Create Human Synergy With Project Athena


Peloton Global Continues To Create Human Synergy With Project Athena

Peloton Global Distribution Services® is a proud supporter of the Project Athena Foundation (, a nonprofit organization that encourages woman who’ve experienced life-altering medical setbacks to overcome all obstacles to unearth the true adventurer within. Peloton is honored be a part of every Athena’s life-affirming transition from “survivor” to “athlete” and loves hearing the inspiring stories they have to share.

Most recently, Project Athena hosted an adventure in the Florida Keys with their Athena, Zina Mercil, whose experience reminds us the power of relationships and strong support systems – and how they are key to overcoming it all.

“I never thought I was this strong.

Though the bruises and scabs will fade (very slowly in my case, thank you platelets!), and the tan will be absorbed, the inspiration of the 2015 Project Athena Keys2Recovery trip has lit a fire in my soul that will remain for the rest of my life!

I can’t explain what it is like to wake up in a tent of Athenas and joke about one way trips to the hospital and laugh yourself awake…and then push yourself to the max physically in the most gorgeous area of the planet wondering if you’ll all make it to the end…and then come back to the fireplace to talk about your triumphs with some of the most amazing people to walk this earth…and eventually cross a finish line that is the starting point of your next dreams.

athena-testimonialI am so inspired. This accomplishment and these relationships hit me like lightning bolt.  I received the message, which came implicitly from everyone around me on this trip, but most importantly came from somewhere deep inside myself that has been all to quiet lately.  It said: you’re stronger than you ever thought possible, stronger than before you were sick.  Now you know what it’s like to reach bigger than you could have discovered on your own, because you are reaching with other people who get it in their own bones, and surrounded by a new family to support you.  I honestly cannot decide which made more difference, the physical triumph of the adventure or the relationships that will last a lifetime.  This adventure changed my life and I am excited by the myriad of possibilities of how this will ripple out to the rest of my life, and touch the people I love and serve.

“Project Athena Keys2Recovery 2015: mission accomplished. I am now a badass.”   

– Zina Mercil, Athena

The Florida Key To Recovery Adventure: November 17-21, 2015

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