Peloton Global Distribution Services® Supports Project Athena’s Grand Canyon Adventure


Peloton Global Distribution Services® Supports Project Athena’s Grand Canyon Adventure

Newport Beach, CA. November, 2012 –Peloton Global Distribution Services® (Peloton®) recently joined Project Athena on its Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim (R2R2R) adventure to support survivors of traumatic medical setbacks.

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The Grand Canyon R2R2R is about sharing our strengths and weaknesses with others as we work together to hike the canyon in two days. Hikers gain a new perspective on themselves as team builders and how they can apply their experiences to their everyday lives.

Every Project Athena event is dedicated to an Athena that has experienced a traumatic medical setback. The Athena of this hike was Jen Searl, the world’s first recipient of a dual bone marrow and kidney transplant. After months of medication, chemotherapy and radiation, Jen is healthier than ever and is celebrating the 10th anniversary of her second kidney transplant.

Searl was joined by Andy Holden, CEO of Peloton and 35 others, as they hiked from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon to the North Rim and back again. During the two day journey, hikers experienced inclement weather, difficult trails and traveled 45 miles.

[frame style=”alignleft” title=”Project Athena Group Grand Canyon R2R2R Hike” width=”325″ height=”217″ url=””][/frame]“We are inspired and empowered by both Jen and Project Athena,” said Holden. “Peloton is proud to support this organization and its efforts to help women accomplish their goals through the power of teamwork.”

Project Athena is dedicated to helping women survivors unleash the athlete and adventurer within to complete the journey of a lifetime.

Peloton is a proud sponsor of the Project Athena Foundation.

For more information about the Project Athena Foundation, click here.

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