Peloton Global Distribution Services® Supports Elite Athletes Competing For Survivors


Peloton Global Distribution Services® Supports Elite Athletes Competing For Survivors

Irvine, CA. February, 2012 –Peloton Global Distribution Services® (Peloton®) ( supports the Project Athena Racing Team, The Project Athena Racing and Adventure Series, and World Class Teams. Robyn Benincasa with Peter Holden and Andy Holden of Peloton.

[frame style=”alignright” title=”Robyn Benincasa- Peter- Andy” width=”311″ height=”207″ url=””][/frame]Peloton is proud to sponsor the Project Athena Racing Team which is comprised of four elite women athletes who have endured life-altering medical or traumatic setbacks that race to share with others ‘what’s possible.’ Team members Robyn Benincasa, Louise Cooper, Danelle Ballengee and Anne Hall have all competed at the highest level in the world’s most grueling challenges, setting records and winning championships.

The Project Athena Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping women survivors unleash the athlete and adventurer within to complete the journey of a lifetime – whether that’s to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, cross the finish line of an Ironman Triathlon, or fall into the arms of a proud family at the end of a local 5k. Peloton supports these women athletes as they race to accomplish what they never thought possible.

World Class Teams, founded by Robyn Benincasa, provides cutting edge leadership, “followership” and teamwork training based on The Eight Essential Elements of Human Synergy, which were discovered and forged on the mountains, rivers, jungles and glaciers of the most remote and inhospitable regions of the world through the sport of Adventure Racing. World Class Teams offers unique teambuilding opportunities through adventure and mini eco-challenges as Benincasa “inspires people to grab life with one hand, grab their teammates with the other, and to create that special magic that allows each of us to become better and stronger than we ever would have been alone.”

At Peloton, we believe in elevating the performance of all, by working together and supporting one another to thrive in business and in life. We are excited to align with the Project Athena Racing Team, the Project Athena Racing and Adventure Series and World Class Teams and support their endeavors to help women always see challenges in life, not roadblocks.”

This year, Peloton and its member companies will assist in fundraising efforts and participate in numerous Project Athena activities including half marathon relays, the Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim hike and a recovery event in the Florida Keys.

We are inspired and empowered by both the opportunities available through these unique organizations, as well as the knowledge and experience Benincasa is able to share with Peloton. 

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