National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc.


National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc.

The National Alliance of Insurance Agencies, Inc. (NAIA), or “The Alliance,” is a national distributor of alternative Long Term Care Insurance products – expanding the market to those who either do not qualify for, or may not be interested in, traditional coverage.

The Alliance’s portfolio includes both insurance and non-insurance portfolio, amassing private, long term care funding solutions that complement traditional LTC insurance. The Alliance’s suite of solutions provides options for funding LTC expenses to virtually everyone, regardless of age, health and wealth.

The Alliance works with agencies and distributors to offer clients the full range of today’s long-term care planning solutions. Its revolutionary business model allows – and encourages – distributors, agents and advisors to maintain their existing traditional product relationships, while completing their portfolio through working with The Alliance.

The Alliance: one company – one source – many solutions – to long-term care financing.

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Bill Jones
Co-Founder and President, NAIA Inc.

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