Proformex Joins Peloton Global As An Elite Member


Proformex Joins Peloton Global As An Elite Member

Peloton Global Distribution Services is proud to announce our newest Preferred Service Provider, Proformex!  Proformex is transforming how the world services Life Insurance & Annuities.

Some of the advantages Proformex will bring to the table include:

An Enlightened Your View of Your Business

Get comprehensive visibility of everything your advisors have sold across all carriers and all products in one place.  Data refreshes on a regular cadence from feeds, keeping policy values current and accurate.

Turning Insights into Engagement

With Proformex, getting to value is simple.  We aggregate and visualize your carrier data and deliver actionable insights for you to quickly identify client engagement points and opportunities for new revenue.

Growing Revenues

Data-driven decisions between your advisors and their clients will deliver the best possible outcomes for policyowners and uncover opportunities for you and your advisors to generate additional revenue without seeking new client relationships.

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