Longbridge Financial, LLC Joins Peloton Global As An Elite Member


Longbridge Financial, LLC Joins Peloton Global As An Elite Member

Peloton Global Distribution Services teams up with Longbridge Financial, LLC – an alliance that will expand opportunities for both entities to meet client needs.

Longbridge Financial is a reverse mortgage lender committed to helping seniors responsibly use home equity to secure a better retirement. Longbridge provides education and support to trusted advisors across the country, working with reputable companies in the financial services industry who share a commitment to the highest business and regulatory standards.

“Many clients underprepare for retirement planning due to financial constraints. Longbridge Financial’s offerings can provide many Peloton members’ ultimate customers with options by eliminating monthly mortgage payments or establishing guaranteed credit lines, improving flexibility, tax efficiency, and cash flow for estate or retirement planning.” said Andy Holden, CEO of Peloton Global Distribution Services. “We look forward to the future success our relationship will bring – a wider range of valuable solutions helps us satisfy the needs of more customers and achieve greater sales success.”

“Older Americans face financial challenges in meeting their retirement and health care needs,” said Christopher Mayer, PhD, CEO of Longbridge. “Longbridge Financial is dedicated to helping homeowners obtain a more secure retirement by accessing the home equity they have built up over time. Reverse mortgages can provide flexibility that allows consumers to reshape their financial future and better navigate the financial risks associated with longevity.”

Longbridge Financial offers industry leading “Gold” pricing, providing substantial savings to consumers and has top-rated customer service based on independent third-party reviews. Its mission is to reshape and improve the reverse mortgage business through education, transparency, and unparalleled service.

About Peloton Global Distribution Services®
Peloton is a consortium of elite individual organizations that are top performers within their industry. By aligning with Peloton, members have access to the powerful synergy of shared market intelligence, world-class marketing and lead generation capabilities, extensive products, services, technologies, systems and a superior level of support to create unmatched performance in the insurance and financial services industry. Peloton membership allows the individual member entities and the group as a whole to combine strengths in order to reach the highest level of competitive success. Membership includes some of the premier general agencies, valued specialty companies and innovative industry suppliers on a global level. To learn more about Peloton please visit: https://pelotonglobal.com.

About Longbridge Financial
Longbridge Financial is a leading nationally licensed mortgage lender and servicer, helping seniors utilize their hard-earned home equity to improve their retirement and address the financial challenges that harm so many older Americans. Founded in 2012 and led by an Ivy-league professor, Longbridge is committed to enhancing the way consumers view reverse mortgages by educating homeowners about the many uses of this powerful financial instrument. For further information about Longbridge Financial, see http://www.longbridge-financial.com.

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