Insurance In The Palm of Your Hands

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Insurance In The Palm of Your Hands

We all know someone who’s been diagnosed with cancer or who’s experienced a heart attack.  We donate to the local fundraisers and GoFundMe pages.  Too many of our friends and family are a heart attack or cancer diagnosis away from being left on the hook to pay for their rent/mortgage, out-of-pocket health bills, and living expenses.  The truth is, illnesses like cancer and heart attack can put any of us in a position where we face thousands of dollars of debt.

What if there was a way to plan for this?  What if you could get $50,000 when diagnosed with a serious illness?

It’s possible with Prepare Insurance.  In less time than it takes to wait in line for a coffee, a client can apply and get approved for critical illness insurance on their smartphone.  There are no medical exams, no paperwork, and it’s customizable to almost any budget. Coverage is just a touch away.

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