ExamOne Superior Solutions


ExamOne Superior Solutions

ExamOne is committed to ensuring the underwriting requirement process is quick and convenient for applicants, agents and home-office personnel. Our services include data gathering, paramedical examinations, laboratory testing and consultative analytics, designed to assist life insurance companies in fair, objective evaluations on mortality risks of applicants.

Working together over 40 years, we have helped millions of families purchase life insurance. But our work isn’t done. We can still help more Americans without life insurance protect their families. We are committed to this challenge by providing you with innovative tools and simplified processes—resulting in a more satisfied applicant.

Committed every day, with

  • High-quality, cutting-edge laboratory results.
  • More applicant choices for communication, exam locations and scheduling options.
  • The nation’s largest network of paramedical service centers and mobile examiners.
  • Proud supporter of LIFE Happens and Life Insurance Awareness Month.
  • Peloton member since 2010.

In 2015, ExamOne acquired Superior Mobile Medics and introduced ExamOne Superior Solutions. ExamOne Superior Solutions offers a customized, high-touch workflow designed to meet the unique needs of insurance brokerages. Our one-touch approach to customer management will help support all of your business throughout the country.

We are committed to you, our industry and helping every family be protected with life insurance. We look forward to the opportunities that are available to us as a part of the Peloton Global group. We strive to bring the best solutions for success to the Peloton member companies and their clients.

For more information about ExamOne, please visit www.ExamOne.com

Member Contact Information:

Andrew Sutton
Business Development Executive
818.481.8316 • Andrew.M.Sutton@ExamOne.com

7480 Mission Valley Road #101 • San Diego, CA 92108

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