CPS Insurance Services Case Study


CPS Insurance Services Case Study

The Challenge:

CPS Insurance Services was established in 1974, and has grown to become a leader in the Life Insurance Brokerage market providing distribution services to financial professionals and their clients. The Company has an excellent growth record, but needed to leverage new opportunities it saw in the market. Over the years the market has changed and evolved through changing consumer needs and expectations, market competitor dynamics, new industry products and services, advancements in technology – information platforms, government regulatory changes and other national and global industry influences. Strategically, CPS determined to optimize its brand and messaging, to create greater market awareness, and to create business development, offerings and services focused on the needs of its clients, in the world of instant information and high customer service.

The Solution:

CPS determined to break into new markets and to accelerate its growth expansion across North America. A successful brand and marketing organization worked closely with CPS to create industry-best brand and marketing capabilities across all platforms. This included detailed competitive research, then the development of a world-class brand identity, messaging and marketing materials. The company then focused on the complete implementation towards process driven performance across all platforms, both interactive and traditional, for the company’s business development, information systems and operational infrastructure resources.

The Benefit:

CPS continues to leverage new opportunities and accelerate growth in both established and new markets. It is now positioned as a key industry player with market leader capabilities and business development tools that are enabling optimal growth in multiple markets.

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