Wealthmetrics is an innovative strategic marketing program focused on expanding CPA firms’ financial planning practices by utilizing a unique process and proprietary software.

Aligning highly qualified professionals with CPAs and their firms, Wealthmetrics provides professional guidance, a complete marketing platform, and an innovative client analysis software allowing CPAs to capitalize on incremental revenue opportunities.

Wealthmetrics provides the means for CPA firms to meet the ever-changing need of their clients, specifically in the area of Wealth Transfer, Asset Management, and Retirement Distribution Planning – without requiring an extensive amount of time with licensing and compliance paperwork.

“Our mission is to equip CPAs with the means to take full advantage of the potential within their client base,” said Cary Parker, Wealthmetrics’ Partner and Software Developer.  “Our experienced professionals will help expand their traditional practice, allowing them to define and reach all of their success goals”

Wealthmetrics brings to the table experienced, financial professionals; distinct focus on retirement distribution and wealth protection planning, and an exclusive software that helps CPAs identify key clients for wealth management solutions.

For more information about Wealthmetrics, please visit: www.wealthmetrics.com

Member Contact Information:

Cary Parker
Partner, Wealthmetrics

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