Marketing Best Practices

New Market Penetration

The need to consistently penetrate and grow new markets is a fundamental commonality within Peloton members.

Our industry is dynamic and shifts constantly. New competitors, old competitors. New products, new technologies, new shifts in consumer needs.

Peloton provides the resources and best practices capabilities to help you get into new markets. Member business-building collaboration will help you with ideas and resources. Ideating, then implementation, managing projects and initiatives, content, applications, systematically testing, uncovering rich consumer insights and refining variables to maximize business growth initiatives.

Strategy and Innovation

The ability to innovate against competitors then execute strategy is a key determinant of business success. Innovative companies think and act differently, and in over 90% of competitive sets – are the market leaders.

Peloton “is” innovation. World-class strategic insight, think tank, and opportunities planning with key industry leaders, leading to collaboration, strategic insight and capabilities enabling business-building for individual member companies.

But innovation itself is of little value. Peloton’s purpose is to align innovation strategy with the fundamental drivers of business value, and implement new ideas to extract greater value from new and existing assets alike. Peloton provides the capabilities to create innovation in management, marketing and operational practices. Our marketing innovations alone are extensive and best-in-class, providing Peloton members with direct access to the leading tools, platforms and expertise to accelerate business growth through innovation.

Peloton’s members are industry experienced experts, who will provide extensive market research and trade intelligence capabilities. Research, discovery, analysis, brainstorming, collaboration, ideation, strategizing, and creative concepting are all needed to help our members navigate the speed, complexity and opportunity areas of today’s cluttered and competitive insurance and financial services environments.

Peloton innovations and solutions may involve target audience connection strategies, brand–building, integrated marketing campaigns, web 2.0, mobile, traditional media, technology information platforms, database systems, collaborative cross-selling opportunities, viral and word-of-mouth communication, software-based applications, HR best practices, interaction and more. Designed to preserve relevance and maintain brand standards from concept through marketplace execution.

Well executed innovation is everything. History has demonstrated that companies that build innovation into their brand connections and business development processes with their customers win against their competitors. The reward for such measures will drive revenues and sustain growth – in both up and down markets.