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Luxe Travel Management

LUXE Travel Management (LTM) is a full-service technology driven global travel management company dedicated to providing unrivaled travel services to its customers. With more than 150 highly experienced travel agents and professionals around the country, Luxe Travel offers a wide range of services including corporate meeting and event management, leisure and incentive trip planning, and travel management consulting.

“Luxe Travel was strategically formed to bring together the best of the best,” said Craig Carter, President of LUXE Travel Management. “ We are connected to top airline and business executives, house experienced international agents and work with travel managers from Fortune 100 companies, who all work together to create memorable travel experiences.

With its longstanding relationships with major air carriers, hotels and car rental companies, Luxe Travel is able to offer its clients specialized technology, unique amenities and special services unavailable to most travelers including: contract negotiation, company and travel management discounts, rate and route software along with risk management and travel security.

Luxe Travel is an elite partner with Signature Travel Network, the world’s premier leisure consortium group with over 6,000 travel professionals who share one objective: to serve the unique needs of discerning travelers. The combined $4 billion buying power is leveraged to deliver the best value to our clients. Our clients enjoy travel benefits and exclusive amenities such as continental breakfast, complimentary Wi-Fi, room upgrades at check-in, to name a few.


Peloton is a group of high-value businesses and we look forward to offering members personalized service to manage all of their travel needs.

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