Aurora Capital Alliance is a carrier approved life insurance premium finance facilitator – working with advisers and clients across the country to draft and implement innovative financial arrangements. We are built upon a solid foundation of trusted advisors with decades of experience and our proprietary software and planning concepts put us ... Read More
April 3, 2017Audrey Gilmore
Peloton Global Distribution Services announces their latest coalition with Aurora Capital Alliance - a union that will expand viable options for advanced life insurance planning. Aurora Capital Alliance specializes in the implementation of life insurance premium financing programs for banking institutions, insurance carriers, insurance marketing organizations, brokerage general agencies and independent advisors. ... Read More
March 31, 2017Audrey Gilmore
Longbridge Financial, LLC is a national reverse mortgage lender committed to educating financial advisors and their clients on responsibly using home equity to reshape their financial future. Longbridge provides support to trusted advisors, working with reputable companies in the financial services industry who share a commitment to the highest business ... Read More
February 13, 2017Audrey Gilmore
Peloton Global Distribution Services teams up with Longbridge Financial, LLC - an alliance that will expand opportunities for both entities to meet client needs. Longbridge Financial is a reverse mortgage lender committed to helping seniors responsibly use home equity to secure a better retirement. Longbridge provides education and support to trusted ... Read More
February 6, 2017Audrey Gilmore